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Monday, 30 November 2015

Water theme Birthday invitation

I made these invitations for my daughter's first birthday. She totally loves dipping herself in the bath tub as long as possible. 

Trying out the pop up card for the first time was so much fun. 
There wasn't much time, but I had a feeling a lot more details could have been added.....

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Broken Eggshell box

There is never a scarcity for egg shells at my home..

I have seen a lot of people working on them to give the mosaic look. At present, I am too addicted to it, that I tried making my first craft with a box. Next would probably be a vase. 

Nothing much is needed. Few egg shells, a box (thick cardboard or wooden) and an adhesive. I have used Fevicol which initially is white in color but on drying, turns transparent.

Here is what it looks like:

Things needed...

Things needed..
Apply glue, break the shells and place on it. 
Let it dry..
And its ready!!


Friday, 25 October 2013

Butterfly Birthday Card

After a long gap...

Boredom and few scrap leftovers- I really wanted to do and make something. Sadly, I had forgotten to change the date in the cam. 

I drew and colored the Google eyed butterfly (Used Oil Pastels)
The inside part

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Flapper Girl

One sweet day - Power down! and it resulted in this. 

BGC 39 gave the main idea (thanks a bunch! :-)) I made it with colour papers and simple materials found around the house.. 

Brown and Yellow base papers, Old newspaper, Orange cotton cloth, Glue, Scissor, Netted cloth, Digi stamps of flapper girl and butterflies (found them free online!) and Candle- for special usage

and this is what it ended up in

Something totally random and crazy!

 So here is what I did with the old newspaper.... (Some tit-bits in detail)

I first did this to get the desired pattern.. *The picture will give an easy way to follow* - I hope

I don't have distress inks, so this seemed to be the right way to get the edge effect

 I did the same with the news paper (it burns a little faster)

I loved the outcome!! - Years ago, I tried this for the first time in my chemistry lab ;-)
Then I made the base layout 

Coloured the Flapper and butterflies..

I should try and improve at this!... (my first ever Digi stamp)

And then I made the flowers which I saw on Youtube few weeks ago and unfortunately lost the link- Tutorial

Finally I did my crazy work!

The outcome.. Tadaaaa...

 I am linking this to..

BGC 39- Fall colours (Pumpkin, Yellow and Kraft -Inspired by the Vintage look) 
Lulupu- Fancy Me (Vintage) 
Make My Monday- Flower or tree 

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Fabric Flower Tutorial

After a long time, I took a break today to make this..

This is not my own creation. I saw this on You Tube few days back (she made it even more perfectly!) and I am not able to find the link now.

But anyway, I found it really easy and pretty.. So here it is!!

I used these flowers in a card and to design my little niece's Pattu Pavadai..

Hope it helps

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Boxed photo album 2

Another post on Boxed photo album.. 

I made this to link it to BGC #38 which states "Create a project with a gift on it such that it can be removed (detached) without affecting your creation OR create a project where your creation is not only a means to wishing people but it is a gift in itself"

I thought this fits perfectly well.. 

It is only another album like my previous one

Here it is!!

The Box

Side of the Box
Opened Box

Some of the flips

This is my fav of all!!
The hands open up...
All the flips..

Finally the flips are placed inside the box to make it a detachable gift!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

By the book lovers, For the book lovers

Bookmarks can be made by the book readers! It needs no special talent or skill..
This was made long time back along with a friend when we went for a sale at collage. 

We did not have fancy card stocks or time to make detailed ones. All we had was a base chart in creamy white and few sheets of red and green.  

and we came up with these simple bookmarks..

Followed by few samples, other room mates who had never tried crafting before, helped us..

Thankfully, we were able to make about 100s over night and happily distributed the next day to all the book lovers.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

All for the super Bro!! *Scrap for brother on his wedding*

Brothers are trouble makers and trouble shooters!

I have not had one but I so wish I did.. I made this for a friend who wanted to gift something special to her Brother on his wedding and also show his wife that she is loved by the family already!

is all that she wanted to say...

With limited time, I had to think of something that bring back memories and also project his new family life..

Here is what I made..

Front Page

 This is the front page wishing him the best for his new life ahead.. 

I tied all the other pages with purple ribbons. 


I made a clock shaped page to show the timeless journey they have had as children growing up. I stuck all their childhood pics...

Another leaf for the fantastic and the most cherished Childhood


 Bringing the new girl in to picture.. The beautiful bride! with a note on welcoming her in to the family..


And then the Bro! I drew and colored the "BRO" part with oil pastels

With some classic pictures of this wonderful lady, letting her know that she fits well in to the new family..

On wonderful moments falling head over heals in love with each other and making it successfully to the present day

All for the bro! A flip open page...

Flip-7 opened
Something very true when it comes to siblings..

With few engagement pictures, welcoming the bride in to the family..

Last Page
Finally bringing out the message *phew* "Happy Married Life"!!

At the end, I made a cover to put the booklet in.. 

One side of the cover
The other side
The success story was that, the brother hugged her and shed a few drops of tears when she gave this! Awwww... what a sight and what a feeling of fulfillment..

Sunday, 18 August 2013

21st Birthday Card

Birthdays are always fun!!.. the only day we celebrate every year right from our birth.. So it is special and important to us and many around us. Each passing year sure has something to bring us closer to... and each year, on this day, we expect something nice to happen.. Even a simple birthday card could make someone's day!

I made this for her friend who wanted to wish her friend on her 21st Birthday..

This is the front part of the card with the Age, Nick name and a girl holding a gift!
I folded a rectangle dark shade purple chart to make the base.
Made rough cloud like design with a light coloured purple paper to make the base stronger and also give a different look..

 I used my bangle to cut out a red paper and on top of that, stuck a white one ... for the age. I used punched flowers to make it look better..

The best I like is the ribbon flower on the top. I had to staple it to make it stay in place.. Then I used buttons to hide the pins. 

I drew and coloured the girl's head, hands and legs, cut it out and pasted it on the white base. I used different sheets for the dress and stuck them up with a double- side tape to give the embossed look.

Inside- Left side of the card
This is the inner part. On the left, I wrote the message.. "Happy Birthday" and stuck a cut of a gown I made ( probably the birthday dress!! )

I made the frame (outer part in light coloured purple)  with the left out of what I had done earlier in the front page.

I cut out tiny round shaped white sheets and stuck punched flowers on them... and then, placed it all around the card. 

Inside- Right side of the card

With the base in silver, I made a door like cut out with bringht red. Inside, I pasted the picture of the two besties.. 

Somehow, I am crazy about ribbons and buttons....

The Inside part... Both the sides

Finally... No matter what I make or do, I start and end with a super messy room!